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Whether you are looking for consulting services specific to your school or family needs, or stopping by to be a part of the conversation through my blog, I believe you will find Welcome Spoken Here. I believe successful inclusive school settings and classrooms for children with disabilities come from teachers, parents and administrators collaborating and finding engaging, meaningful and respectful ways to meet the needs of all learners in classrooms and schools.

My work involves creating working teams of parents, administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Through meaningful professional development and purposeful attention to instructional leadership, I work on creating schools that are accessible for the diverse students that attend them.

If you are a parent or a professional within a school or district that is working to support children with disabilities successfully, I believe I can help. Contact me for further information about classroom observation and feed back, writing and execution of IEPs or 504s, or to talk about professional development that can be designed specifically for your school or district needs. A list of the most common topics covered through my consulting can be found here.

Perhaps you have something that is working well, or that is stumping you about a youngster that you know. Share your thoughts through my blog, so we can all benefit from your understanding and experiences.

Help develop the ever-changing world of education of all children through your comments and questions!