Mission and Beliefs

My mission is to help create schools and communities where people with and without disabilities are connected, included, and have the ability to have and make choices for themselves about their life. I believe that inclusive classrooms and school environments create the space for relationships to build, respect to be fostered, and belonging to begin.

Throughout this website and my work within schools and communities, you will find the following beliefs reflected:

  • All students deserve schools and classrooms that are welcoming, in their neighborhood school, where their brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends attend.
  • All students should be viewed as valuable, contributing members of classrooms and schools, and expectations of them should be high.
  • All students have a voice, even if they use augmentative or alternative communication to express themselves. Communication is a right, we must find ways each and every student to communicate.
  • All students can be successful within general education classrooms and settings, engaging with grade-level content, with the appropriate supports and services.
  • Positive, student-centered planning and collaboration between the adults that matter in kids’ lives makes all the difference in the world.
  • Teams that successfully include diverse students solve problems together, are committed to not just a plan but its successful implementation, and ensure all team members (inclusive of parents) are equal partners.
  • All behavior is a form of communication.
  • Teachers are responsible for all of their students. We need to put our words into actions that show that belief and create ownership of all students.
  • Inclusive educational practices are counter-cultural – we need to start the conversations that change the culture for our kids.