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Online Learning Center for Kids Included Together, IACET standard-based, best in class online webinars, eLearning online courses and job-embedded curriculum.

Personal website and educational blog, with an online presence since November, 2010.

Guest blogger for Peter Block and John McKnight’s Abundant Community website, from March-June, 2011.

SpecialNeedsTalkRadio interview and podcast for Inclusive Class with Terri Mauro and Nicole Eredics. Topic: Inclusive IEPs. November 4th, 2011.

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  • Facilitator Manual
  • Unit 1: What is inclusive education?
  • Unit 2: What to teach: Learning opportunities for students
  • Unit 3: How to instruct: Prompt, wait, fade
  • Unit 4: How to instruct: Natural cues, consequences, and supports
  • Unit 5: How to instruct: Individualized adaptations
  • Unit 6: How to interact: Behavior as communication
  • Unit 7: How to interact: Student relationships

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