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Guest Blogger for Abundant Community: Becoming a Community Connector

Picture taken from Abundant Community Website

I was approached Leslie Stephen, the editor of John McKnight and Peter Block’s Abundant Community book and website to be a guest blogger, shortly after my post about their book and wonderful work in communities. I was thrilled that after only a few posts, that I would be approached by them in such a way.

After speaking on the phone first to John and then to Leslie, we came to the idea of me writing for them as a guest blogger about my experiences, so that others could learn from the work that I am doing.

I am honored to be featured on their website today. My hope is that through continuing my work as a community connector as they describe, and continuing to host future meetings in my own community, that I may advance the work of including kids with disabilities in neighborhood schools. They have asked me to write a guest blog post about my experiences, learning and conversations for them each time I host a meeting. This is the first post about my first meeting, that I held last month.

Please take a moment to read and make comments about my experiences, either here, or on their site. It is thrilling to be connecting people in these ways, and an unbelievable feeling for me, personally, to have my work showcased in such a fashion. I am feeling humbled as well as hopeful about this great work, and what it will mean for parents, families and schools.

A Report from the Community Meeting!

From Dan Habib's Including Samuel

From Dan Habib's "Including Samuel"

Last week I held a community meeting to discuss inclusive practices in neighborhood schools. I announced it on various schools’ websites, sent out emails, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog, and generally tried to get the word out.

It resulted in a small, yet very important, group attending for the conversation. In attendance were parents, both of kids with and without identified disabilities; attorneys whose work focuses on special education law and parents rights; the director of special education for the Minnesota Department of Education; teachers; and community members. Continue reading