Listen to me talk about Inclusive IEPs on the Special Needs Talk Radio at 9 am EST, on November 4th!

Nicole Eredics' blog, The Inclusive Class

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking about inclusive IEPs on November 4th, at 9 am EST with Nicole Eredics from The Inclusive Class, on Special Needs Talk Radio. More details as to how you can tune in that day, or listen to the show after the recording will be available soon on the Special Needs Talk Radio website, and on my events page, so check back for that information.

After connecting with Nicole, a blogger, independent consultant, and seasoned general education teacher in inclusive classes, she has asked me to be on her show to talk about the many ways IEPs can be written to foster and support inclusive education. This is an exciting new radio show, to spread the word, share our practice, and continue the good work and energy around creating inclusive places for students with disabilities. She has many distinguished professionals in the field lined up to discuss an array of important topics, so please check out the schedule and see if there is something that you might find of interest or in support of the work you are doing to create inclusive schools.

My topic was chosen after she and I talked about the many things that can help teachers and parents create classrooms and supports that make sense for kids with disabilities. I believe that what I call “working IEPs” are one of the major tenets of creating an array of supports for students with identified learning needs, yet are oftentimes not done in ways that are most effective or based on both strengths and needs that exist for individual students.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator or parent, I believe this radio interview and conversation will help advance your thinking about inclusive practices and how to do it successfully. Please return here, or to the Special Needs Talk Radio website, to get more information. I am looking forward to the conversation on November 4th! Hope you will join us!

3 thoughts on “Listen to me talk about Inclusive IEPs on the Special Needs Talk Radio at 9 am EST, on November 4th!

  1. Gail Ghere

    Hi Jenny,
    You are the perfect person for this! You have a way with words. I am looking forward to seeing you in November and continuing our learning together. It will be great!


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