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My Personal Reflections as of Late…

Another recent reflection - Half Dome of Yosemite on Mirror Lake - Inspirational!

Another recent reflection of mine...Mirror Lake at Yosemite National Park. Inspirational!

It has been a busy couple of months for me. I have been in circles of people that are my academic superheroes, and if you will allow me to – I would love to drop a few names before reflecting about my learning in this post.

Linda Darling-Hammond spoke at a PTA event that I attended, where she talked about her book, The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future"". An incredible evening where she spoke about what she knows about the US and how our education is being impacted by the high stakes assessment and funding streams that exist, which create not only an achievement gap as we typically would define it, but an experiences gap that affects kids around the country. In places like Palo Alto, California, where I heard her speak and she is a local, the difference in per pupil spending dwarfs that of neighboring schools in nearby San Jose. Her data was hard to hear about how this affects the kids in schools, and how many places throughout the US experience much the same gap. Continue reading

Differentiation Part 2 and a Community Meeting Announcement

Photo by Dan Habib – from the fantastic “Including Samuel” Documentary

My last post about differentiation two weeks ago was short and sweet. From that post, there were many comments from parents about what is happening in their school, for their son or daughter. I would like to use those comments as a spring board for this post. Thank you, in advance, for your stories and insight. Continue reading

The Abundant Community and an Invitation…

My last post talked about how schools can establish and encourage family and community support and input in schools. It has gotten me thinking about how I would define community generally, and what it would feel like if schools were places like I described in my post – where people can come with different backgrounds and influence and make a change together for all of the kids that attend. It also has me thinking about how I can do my part and help build the community that I described in schools. Continue reading