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The Good “Whys”…

It is the New Year, and with that comes a gift in schools. I posted previously about what I call the “prime instructional real estate” that exists in schools, and suggested strategies for teachers to take advantage of this gift of time in students’ learning that exists at this point of the year.

The time of rest and relaxation that has just occurred for students, parents, and school professionals allows for a fresh start and new beginnings for all. The remaining part of the school year will increasingly become busy and harried, tests and high stakes standards will push harder towards the end of the year – but now, a naturally occurring time for enriched learning and focus exists for teachers and students alike…a true gift. It is my belief that this gift comes with choices. Continue reading

Differentiating Instruction Part 1: and a Joyful Learning Book Giveaway

I have been feeling lately that my posts have been a little on the long side. In an attempt to keep them short and sweet, I will be breaking them up in segments when appropriate, so I can tackle the information of larger topics in readable, bite-sized pieces. This will also allow me to cover a topic in more depth, and with more specificity around each piece. The first piece I want to cover is differentiating instruction. Continue reading

The Abundant Community and an Invitation…

My last post talked about how schools can establish and encourage family and community support and input in schools. It has gotten me thinking about how I would define community generally, and what it would feel like if schools were places like I described in my post – where people can come with different backgrounds and influence and make a change together for all of the kids that attend. It also has me thinking about how I can do my part and help build the community that I described in schools. Continue reading